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Fast Duplicate File Finder 5.9

Find duplicate and similar files by comparing their content, not their filename
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Duplicate files not only take up precious disk space, they also may make it troublesome to deal with different versions of the same file. Fast Duplicate File Finder is capable to detect exact duplicates by comparing their contents, not just their file name, and even find significant similarities between apparently different files. Its powerful search engine can be highly customized in terms of file and folder names, extensions, dates, etc.

Not many duplicate finders count with the same wealth of features and customization options that Fast Duplicate File Finder provides. You can choose between a “quick and dirty” scan process and a more detailed, narrower one. The former is useful to get a broad perspective of how your disks stand in terms of duplicates or possible dupes, while the latter will allow you not only to save search time but also to get more accurate results.

While other similar tools rely mainly in the “look” of the file, i.e. its file name, creation and modification dates, extension, size, etc., this utility scans the actual contents of the various candidates to provide you with a more reliable list of proposed duplicates. This allows the program to detect dupes among files with different file names and even different extensions. This works also for images and other media files, thanks to the powerful binary comparison algorithm that the program uses. You can narrow the searches as much as you wish by specifying file names or names containing a certain string, extensions, size ranges, creation or modification date ranges, etc. You can also create your own white list to include those files or folders that the program should ignore. (By default, it will leave out of its searches all system folders and files.) All of these filters are especially useful when relying on the program’s auto-check option.

Duplicate files are presented in groups, and you can tell the program to highlight for you the oldest or the smallest file in each group so that you can get rid of those right away. Despite the program’s high level of accuracy, you can always double-check the proposed duplicates by previewing their contents without leaving the main interface. Files can be sent to the Recycle Bin or permanently deleted according to your preferences.

Fast Duplicate File Finder is a powerful tool to detect true duplicate files. While many of its competitors still rely on the external information of the files when searching for dupes (an approach that usually produces too many false positives), this program’s high level of accuracy lies in its content comparison algorithm. You can use the program for free and check its capabilities for yourself, though its overall functionality is so limited that you will need to upgrade to the Pro version to enjoy its full potential.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Searches for duplicates by comparing the content, not the file name
  • Looks for similar files
  • Marks the oldest or the smallest files for quick duplicate removal
  • Includes a file preview window
  • Offers an auto-check function


  • The free version has very limited functionality
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